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Since 2002, Earth VideoWorks has evolved as the leader in producing ambient relaxation video programs which feature the work of some of America's top artists and nature photographers.

Our productions have many purposes in addition to beautiful backgrounds for entertaining and relaxing. They have a calming effect on those with Alzheimer's and dementia as well as for Autistic Children. They bring peace and joy and help with healing in hospitals. For family and friends in skilled nursing, memory care, and assisted living facilities, they bring the beauty of nature to those unable to travel. They inspire conversation when words are hard to come by for loved ones in hospice. Caregivers appreciate the serenity and tranquility that allows them to relax.

Our mission is to offer you the finest quality and service. All of our DVDs are produced and manufactured in the U.S.A.

What Our Customers Are Saying About The DVDs:

I am an activities coordinator at a nursing home and have purchased 'Fantasy' with James Christensen's artwork. The music is apropos, and the images are conversation starters. Residents who typically don't engage in activities will sit and watch the paintings and I've seen a few feet tapping to the music, also. I'm in the process of ordering more dvd's from earthvideoworks. So, kudos to you for providing such a unique form of entertainment, and such a useful tool for activities professionals. Kristin J.

Great Video! Bought Classic New England DVD for our nursing home residents. They have enjoyed watching the beautiful scenery. Many memories of past travels ..... D.T.

I found the Tranquility DVD to be a great escape from the busy world...the music and photography put you into a place of total repose... and drained any stress from your mind... Mark

Zen Garden has transforming music, excellent for work and meditation, different than many others on the market, worth trying. One can get tuned in better with repeated listening. M.

I have just recently discovered your company and purchased the "Mystique" DVD - I want to compliment you on the beauty of the video! I was enchanted by the dance of the images with the music - a very relaxing pace. I'm now going to search for more of the DVDs and tell my friends about you. Thank you so much for this wonderful video art. K.P. - Kentucky

If you are a James Christensen art fan. Don't miss this. Some of his best work is displayed on this DVD. No words, just music so you can enjoy the pictures. R.B. - Georgia

This DVD is a fine addition to our personal library. R.R. - Virginia

Great DVD. Used it as background for a family gathering. The family really enjoyed the music and images. S.G.

We saw this artist's works (Butirskiy) in Sedona AZ and really liked them. However the $3000 price tag on our favorite piece was a little steep. We ran into this DVD online while investigating the artist. It's a beautiful collection of his works, set to some relaxing music. We play it on our big screen regularly. It continually loops and is great for company. For $25, you can't beat it. J.K. - Arizona

Nice disk, beautiful artwork. A friend of mine came to my house and saw it and immediately ordered one for himself! I love this disk and I watch it often. Happy with the product and the way the filming was done - very professionally. Pleasant to watch. M.J. - Virginia

This DVD provides almost an hour of the great art by Mikki Senkarik accompanied by some very relaxing tunes. Overall, the experience was very delightful and I would recommend this DVD to anyone who wants a way to relax and unwind with the arts. J.H. - California

Purchased this for my mom. She loves it. Found it soothing and beautiful. A.J.

Fantastic artist (Lyman). A real legend. Also acquired the DVD w/ music for viewing on TV. Shipped in excellent condition. Very satisfied. R.O. - California

The art on this DVD is beautiful. It's beautiful on your TV when having people over for dinner and a great conversation piece. L.L. - Texas

This DVD is exactly as advertised. It is quite unique and a welcomed addition to my Kachina collection and reference library. J.H. - Arizona

This DVD just blows me away, fantastic, bonus accompanied by the music - what more can I say. W.L. - Australia

Beautifully done. It was a great gift. B.B. - Texas

I was looking for a video that had stars, planets or space in it as well as relaxing music. This Starlight DVD is exactly what I had in mind! It has beautiful, clear galaxy imagery with inspiring music. I would order more videos from this company...very pleased with my purchase. J.L


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