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Encounters - The Art of Bev Doolittle® DVD

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Very Special - A Collection of The Life's Work Of One of America's Most Beloved Artists including
her newest work Beyond Negotiations. Featuring Native Wood Flute music by Werner John.

Bev Doolittle's work reflects her love of horses, passion for the natural world and her affinity for the Native American's spiritual relationship to the land. Her phenomenal success has been a by-product of her desire to work hard at what she loves to do most - create art with meaning. "My love for nature, as well as man's relationship with it, is the driving force behind all of my artwork."

Werner John loves the beauty found in nature and music. Over a 25-year career performing, recording, and building Native American style flutes, he has developed skills which are now culminating in a new exploration of the nature/music relationship.

His recording of Cedar Song, featured on this DVD, has received wide acclaim from those valuing a peaceful influence in their lives.

LENGTH: 50 minutes • Set for Continuous Play • Filmed in 16:9 Widescreen • Released in 2011

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