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Fresh Snow DVD

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The Storms Have Cleared - The Snow Is Fresh!

On this DVD, Enjoy Over 120 Pristine Winter Scenes From Hidden Forests To Majestic Mountains Blended With The Beautiful Music of Paul Michael Meredith.

LENGTH: 55 minutes • Set for Continuous Play • Filmed in 4:3 Standard • Released in 2007

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Flowers Everywhere

A Must For Flower Lovers! Over 1000 Images of Doug Sherman's Work Have Been Published by The Sierra Club, Arizona Highways, Audubon, and many others.

On This DVD, 100 of His Best Images Come Alive With Enchanting Harp Music by Paul Michael Meredith.

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Where Eagles Fly

Pabst is primarily a landscape artist. He interprets monumental vistas and breathtaking scenery. The beauty of the American wilderness is evident in his painting, as well as a love for the medium itself.

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Paint The Rocks

Experience Ancient Prehistoric Rock Art From Many Secret Locations in Utah, Arizona, Australia, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and More!

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