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Open Spaces - The Art of Doug West DVD

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Over 100 Works of Doug West's Serigraphs depicting New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona Landscapes with Peaceful Music from "Serenity suite" by International Recording Artist Steven Halpern.

Doug West creates a stunning diversity of serigraphs that stir and swell with life, depicting the many moods of nature. From towering peaks to long desert stretches to cloud formations over arid, craggy river banks, to tropical shores, his unique vision leaves us in awe of the natural world.

Steven Halpern is a musical musician, a healer with sound. His music has helped millions experience transformative moments that lead to greater wholeness and happiness. Music is one of the most powerful healing forces available to humans, and Halpern wields this medium with immense skill.

LENGTH: 60 minutes • Set for Continuous Play • Filmed in 4:3 Standard • Released in 2005

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