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Serenity - The Art of ROYO DVD

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Absolutely Beautiful! Over 100 works of the Master Spanish Impressionist who paints in the style of Renoir accompanied by classical Spanish guitar music by international recording artist - Ruben Romero.

Royo's masterful treatment of Mediterranean subjects is both haunting and mysterious, yet full of raw power at the same time. One can compare his vision with that of Renoir: the similar, almost portrait-like treatment of the female form, captured in a frozen, yet living moment with surrounding bursts of color. Royo's art conveys a symbiosis of mystery and power, of serenity and restlessness, of mood and atmosphere. Experience Royo's art and you are at once transported and bathed in the light and heat of Royo's homeland of Valencia, Spain and Mediterranean impressionism.

Ruben Romero has a distinguished career as a Spanish, classical and flamenco guitarist. A prolific composer, his recordings reflect his flair for unique contemporary renditions of the classics as well as original compositions. Ruben has won two NAMMY awards. Ruben's music is a perfect compliment to Royo's vibrant art.

LENGTH: 57 minutes • Set for Continuous Play • Filmed in 4:3 Standard • Released in 2005

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